Build a predictable, scalable, growth engine

Achieve predictable revenue through hyper-personalized email outreach cadences that drive qualified leads

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Automated prospect research

Create an authentic email in 25% less time using CadenceIQ’s automatic prospect research

  • Automatically lookup social profiles for individual prospects (LinkedIn/Twitter/
  • See account and company specific news and social posts on one screen
  • Identify your target prospects based on what technology used

Eliminate data entry

Spend your time generating leads and closing deals, not entering data

  • Automatically log every email, call, and social action
  • Push all prospect interactions directly to your CRM using our SugarCRM integration
  • Easily import and export prospects via CSV

Multi-Step/Multi-Type Cadences

Use CadenceIQ’s intelligent automation system to add just the right level of automation to every cadence

  • Design, build, and share multi-step and Multi-channel cold outreach campaigns
  • Reach out to prospect via email, phone call, or through social actions
  • Always know what to do next with CadenceIQ’s todo dashboard

Detailed Reporting

Gain visibility into what works, and what doesn’t so your team can continuously improve

  • Analyze and test the effectiveness of each sales activity in your process
  • View daily/weekly/monthly activity reports per user
  • Generate template or cadence specific reports

Real Results

300% increase in reply rate

3x Appointment set

A powerful feature set

Duplicate Detection

Automatically detect and remove duplicate email addresses throughout your entire organization

Easy Lead Import

Easily import leads via CSV  leads via CSV or through our API

Time Zone Management

Configure outreach schedules for each step of your campaign to manage the time in which your emails are sent out

Calendar Integration

Schedule appointments straight from CadenceIQ

Auto Dialer

Integrate phone along with email communication to track all outreach on one platform

Rolling Campaigns

Add prospects to campaigns at any time without having to restart a campaign

Email Templates

Create and share email templates with your entire team

Custom Fields

Add custom fields and variables that map to your existing CRM setup.

Powerful Filtering 

Sort, sift and segment your leads list by any field in our database instantly.

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